Best cases for Samsung Galaxy S4 2021

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Rating : 4.78
High quality and beautiful cases for your Samsung Galaxy S4.
Galaxy S4 Case, Obliq
This high quality case is dual layered protective case made to protect your phone from drops, scratch and other harsh conditions. Case has special TPU layers that absolves impacts. Hard polycarbonate back cover protects your phone from scratches.

The case includes anti-shock Zeiss Xtreme screen protector film. It matches perfectly with screen and easily applied in a minute. No bubbles. It is a ridged case with an inner rubber lining. The case is also a perfect fit. The buttons feel stiff but are very easy to press. The shiny, silver "OBLIQ" wording also looks very attractive and provides an extra expensive look to the case.

The case is one solid piece, but there is a flexible plastic underneath the harder shell. This case offers complete protection for any of your fun activities. Case installs easily and it looks beautiful and fancy.
Galaxy S4 case, Caseology
This kind of high quality Caseology® case is available in many different colors and color combinations. This premium TPU is shock absorbent and bounces on impact. This case is perfect for those who often drop Samsung galaxy phone from arm's length.

The holes for the power, volume and ports line up very well. It is very easy to put on and take off. The case is flexible but when you put it on, it's sturdy and hard. It fits perfectly and keeps the phone slim.
Galaxy S4 case, JETech
A sleek and very comfortable case for your Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. This is very durable case and fits Galaxy S4 case great. Very sturdy, ultra thin and stiff case that protects your phone without adding bulk. Cutouts are perfectly positioned and screen and camera are protected when you lay them down on any surface. Removal and re-installation of the case is not difficult. Good value for money. Available in different colors.
Galaxy S4 Case, MXx
This very intereting case is for men and women with credit card holder and with Id holder and with very useful magnetic clasp. Soft premium PU leather and inner tpu case protect your Samsung Galaxy phone from scratches, shocks or minor slips. Easy to carry along without being bulky. It looks classy, stylish, sophisticated and elegant. Available in 6 different colors. You can see two colors below.
Galaxy S4 Case, Llamamia Limited
Beautiful sparkle glitter hard cover case. Case offers protection from scratches, drops and bumps. You will get 2 Stylus pens.
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