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The Ex Factor Guide Review - The Ex Factor Guide by Brad Browning

Introduction to breakups:

Breakup in relationships is a very common affair in everybody’s life. There may be many reasons for a breakup. However, that does not mean that the two of you cannot get ever back together again. In fact, if the love between the two of you is strong enough, you should do anything in your capacity to get back with him. You can take the help of relationship counselors such as Brad Browning. He has painstakingly developed a video explaining in detail how to get back your ex in your life. We shall have a look at what steps you can take to reunite with your ex.



Hormones control our emotions:

You should understand that hormones in our body govern our emotions. Oxytocin or the love hormone as many people call it is responsible for the surge of emotions in the body of humans when they fall in love. This hormone can excite a person and cause a sexual arousal in him or her. You should be concentrating on increasing the level of Oxytocin in his body. This will enable him to crave for your touch. This would make him fantasize about you. You would hear them whisper the magic words that you might have thought you would never hear from him.

The basic tenements of his video:

Brad now goes on to caution you about the limited window of opportunity at your disposal for applying the techniques taught by him. You should pay close attention to what he says in the video. He again refers to Oxytocin and urges you to ensure endless supply of Oxytocin to ensure sexual arousal. This could bring about a desire for a romantic commitment. He talks about three things you should remember. This would make them think of you alone even when he is on a date with another person. He would realize that dumping you might be the biggest mistake he made.

The impending breakup signs:

He goes on to explain something about the breakup you might not like to hear. He questions whether you saw the coming of the breakup. He might have given some visible signs about breaking off with you by saying that your relationship might not work. He might say that he does not want to be with you. He might ask for some time to make up a decision. These are the signs of an impending breakup.

The after effects of a breakup:

You would have felt the world crashing down on your head. You could barely imaginer his in the company of a third person. You might feel depressed largely. No amount of cajoling or repentance on your part might solve the matter. You might feel like hitting a brick wall. You may spend many nights wondering about what went wrong. You would desperately wait for his phone call. It might never come. You would wonder what to do to win him back.

The wonders of Oxytocin:

Brad goes on to explain that winning him back is an easy exercise. You have to use three simple psychological techniques. This would stimulate his brain to produce more Oxytocin. This might rekindle the magic phases in your life together. He goes on to say that as a men’s brain pumps out more Oxytocin, his feelings of attraction towards you increases. Humans have always been slaves of their own biochemistry.

You should know that everything you did until now to win him back was contacting the left side of his brain. This would be of no use at all. You should concentrate on contacting the right side of his brain. You can find the emotional control center of the brain in the right side of the brain. This area of the brain produces the requisite Oxytocin for the body.

The three ‘R’:

If you manage to engage this part of the brain, you might be able to arouse his primal instincts. This would fire his sex drive and make him pine for you. You would be able to garner all his attention. He advocates the application of the “3R System.” The three R’s denote Recovery, Rekindling, and Re-attraction.

In the Recovery phase, he teaches you to remold your image in his mind. You need not do much effort to do this. You have to remind him with positive and happy memories you spent together. You should suppress your negative experiences and focus on the intimate ones alone.

In the Rekindling Phase, you bring the Oxytocin into play. You learn to say the appropriate words that connect you with the right side of the brain. This generates the feelings of arousal and attraction. In case you are able to do this correctly, the hormones take over to complete the job.

The third phase of Re-attraction is the domain of your ex. He will do most of the work in rebuilding the relationship. You will be in control in this phase. You should allow him to act on the sexual urges building up in the first two phases. You can do some casual flirting by touching him at the right places or by giving him a look in a certain indicative way. This could arouse in him an eager sexual want. You should pamper his urges, go ahead, and have a great time of sexual intimacy.

Where can you get this video?

Brad explains this process in a series of videos available on his website www.exfactorguide.com. You can order this video for as small an amount as $47.00 as against the actual price of $344.00. This offer is a limited one. He also offers many freebies along with the video set. You can very well go an order it online and pay through Clickbank. He also offers a 60-day free trial period during which he offers to refund you your entire amount in case you do not succeed in your efforts.

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