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Buying art for your home might sound easy, but the reality is often much more complicated. Get an inexpensive piece of art, and your guests will tell to your face, “That's from IKEA, isn't it?” Get an expensive piece of art, and there goes your wallet (and possibly your life savings). Fortunately, Santin Art has a solution: The Cloud Tree, a modern abstract piece.

This set of 3 side-by-side paintings which is actually the #1 seller in Amazon’s oil painting category, as can be attested by its 700+ five star reviews features a lonesome tree standing in water, between mountains and ominous clouds.

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Its eerie aura combined with the great contrast of polar sky, blue and red clouds, and black mountains ensures that it will wow your guests when they come visit. It will take on different colors and different hues, depending on what time of day you're looking at it.

As you look at the piece, you'll feel different emotions: loneliness, apprehension, fear. Perhaps you'll even feel a sense of inner peace. The emotional experience is different for every viewer, too. You might feel like the peace represents the calm before the storm, but your neighbor will see that represents the end of the destruction, that the storm is finally over.

Meanwhile, your sister might see something else entirely: she might see the beauty of nature, the triumph of life. The tone of the piece is ambiguous, but one thing is certain: it will look good in your home.

With its inexpensive price tag, it's a good deal for everyone who has a home, whether it's a house, a condo, or even a tiny student apartment. It looks more valuable than it is, which certainly adds to its universal appeal. You can put it any room: your living room, your bedroom, or even your bathroom.

The 3 canvases go side by side, but you can also place them individually in different parts of your home; they'll look complete in and of themselves either way. The piece comes without a frame, but it's easy to hang on your wall regardless.

Hanging the piece up can be difficult, so do some research beforehand. YouTube users have uploaded many videos to teach you exactly how to do this. The painting measures 12 inches by 16 inches, with a depth of 3 inches.

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