Gunsmith buying guide and review

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Gunsmith buying guide - How to choose a gunsmith lathe? Grizzly G0509G review 2022

Whether you own your gunsmith shop or want to create a new hobby for yourself, you’re going to need a durable lathe for your shop or hobby room to make the best possible guns you can.

There are several options available to you when you’re in the market for a lathe for your gunsmith needs. The hardest part of your search will be finding the right one for you based on several factors.

These factors will be the basis for this article and how they can help you narrow down your options to the gunsmith lathe that meets your needs.

Size of gunsmith lathe

Size is an important factor when you’re considering a gunsmith lathe because you’ll want one that can handle all types and sizes of guns while also fitting into the space you have allocated for it. If you have a ton of space and the funds, you can probably fit two different sizes into your work area so you’ll have all your bases covered in making custom guns for yourself and/or customers.

Most gunsmiths will tell you that you can easily get by with a smaller lathe if your space and funds are limited since you’ll complete most of the work for your gun using a smaller lathe anyway.

However, the larger lathes do have their place within the gunsmith’s world as they can handle larger gun models with a longer bed. Your choice in size will ultimately come down to the space you have and the budget you’ve set for this purchase.

Quality of gunsmith lathe

No matter the size you decide to purchase, you’ll want to ensure that the gunsmith lathe that’s now in your possession is worth the money you spent on it. Are all the parts there that are standard? Is anything broken? Does it operate as it should? These are some serious questions you’ll want to investigate even before you buy your lathe by reading as many reviews as you can find for the lathe that interests you.

If you have any doubts based on your research, you’re better off looking elsewhere for your lathe, especially since you’ll be spending a pretty penny on this piece of equipment.

You’ll want to also consider how precise the machine is since precision is key when shaping gun barrels for proper functioning. If the machine can’t perform at the highest level of precision, you’ll want to keep looking.

Gunsmith lathe attachments

The lathe you choose may come with some standard attachments, but you’ll soon find that there are tons more available on the market that you’ll need to purchase as well.

If you’re looking for a gunsmith lathe, you would do well to find one with the most attachments that come standard for the price you can afford so you won’t have to purchase so many after you’ve made your purchase.

From saws to bits, you’ll want to consider the attachments you’ll use most often as part of your decision-making process with your future gunsmith lathe.

Cost of gunsmith lathe

These machines aren’t the cheapest pieces of equipment you’ll find on the market since a small one can easily run $4500 with larger ones starting around $10,000. With this being said, you’ll want to consider your budget carefully and buy based on what you need in terms of size, quality, and the attachments you’ll use frequently.

The first three factors will help you decide where your budget should be to find yourself the best lathe for the amount you can afford.

You may also want to consider buying used instead of new if you can find a used machine in good working condition. Just be aware of the risks you’re taking when buying used products.


Owning your gunsmith lathe can help you whether you’re a professional gunsmith or a hobbyist with an interest in gunsmith projects.

If you don’t already have your lathe, you’ll want to follow the guidelines above to determine the right gunsmith lathe for your needs based on the size, quality, attachments, and overall cost of the lathe that’s caught your interest.

You want your investment to work for you in the end with a lathe that will last years and provide the best quality guns possible.

The best gunsmith lathe you can buy on Amazon currently is Grizzly G0509G Gunsmith lathe.


Grizzly G0509G Gunsmith's 3-Phase Metal Lathe, 16 x 40-Inch


Grizzly G0509G review 2022


  • Tailstock taper: MT#4
  • Cross slide travel: 8-1/2"
  • Overall dimensions: 76-3/8" W x 33-7/16" D x 51-3/16" H
  • Tailstock quill travel: 4-3/4"
  • Main motor: 4 HP/3HP, 220V, 3-phase, 2-speed, 17A/8.5A
  • Spindle nose: D1-6 camlock
  • Distance between centers: 40"
  • Swing over bed: 16"
  • Coolant motor 1/8 HP, 0.45A
  • Compound travel: 5-1/2"
  • Modular pitch range: 18, 0.3-3.5 MP
  • Spindle speeds: 16, 45-1800 
  • Range of threads (metric): 39, 0.2-14 mm
  • Range of threads (inches): 45, 2-72 TPI
  • Diametrical pitch range: 21, 8-44 DP
  • Spindle nose taper: MT#6 with MT#4 adapter
  • Approximate shipping weight: 3300 lbs.
  • Swing over cross slide: 10"
  • PM
  • Swing over saddle: 14-3/4"

Grizzly G0509G metal lathe is the first lathe made especially for gunsmithing. 

A high-precision gearbox allows for a wide range of speeds and feeds. 

Cutting of metric, Inch, whitworth, diametral, and modular threads are enabled by an enclosed universal gearbox.

Grizzly G0509G standard equipment includes  #4 to 6 Morse taper spindle nose adapter, micrometer stop, jog button and emergency stop, steady rest, centers, 14-inch faceplate, full-length splash guard, quick change tool post, and toolbox, halogen light,8-inch three-jaw chuck, service tools, coolant system, manual, follow rest, 12-inch four-jaw chuck, dual inch/metric dials.

A torque wrench can be used easily to tighten the tailstock for perfect center alignment.

Grizzly G0509G special features: full-length splash guard, 12" 4-Jaw chuck, coolant system, 8" 3-Jaw chuck, emergency stop and jog button, quick change tool post, halogen light, 4 to 6 Morse taper sleeve centers, Dual metric and inch dials, toolbox and manual, service tools.

The headstock gears are hardened and run in an oil bath for quiet, smooth work.

V-way bed is precision grounded and hardened.

Grizzly G0509G has two-speed 3HP/4HP motor and you can choose spindle speeds from 45-1800 RPM.


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