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Best Sterilizer For Tattoo Studio 2022 Review - Tuttnauer 1730 Value Clave Review

If you are asking yourself which sterilizer to buy for your Tattoo Studio, here is our recommendation and review. The Tuttnauer 1730 Value Clave is a sterilizer intended for lab and medical environments. This is an autoclave sterilizer, specialized for use in labs, offices, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical environments, and Tattoo Studios. The autoclave sterilizer was invented in 1879 by Charles Chamberland. During this time, researchers were beginning to understand why sterilized surgery is necessary for the safety of patients and healthcare professionals.

Autoclaves are always different in terms of size, shape, and appearance. However, for the most part, they work the same way: they use steam to kill bacteria, germs, and spores much like a pressure cooker. Boiled water, as well as detergents, are not strong enough to take on these life forms, which is why an industry-grade autoclave is needed.

The autoclave (the word technically refers to the pressure chamber inside the sterilizer) pumps out the air inside the pressure chamber. Then, it heats laboratory and medical instruments above boiling point and sterilizes them with steam.

Steam flows into the autoclave continuously so that it can kill as many microorganisms as possible. After the sterilization, the period has ended and the pressure and steam have exhausted themselves the autoclave door can now be opened, which allows the instruments to be cooled and dried.

The Value Clave’s cycle time clocks in at 11 minutes, so you can clean your instruments properly in record time. It also offers heated drying, so you won't have to spend time wiping your instruments down when they're finished washing. You can clean instruments that are both wrapped and unwrapped.

The Clave has 7 chambers, so it's a good primary unit for small offices and labs and besides that for Tattoo Studios. It can also be a good secondary autoclave, in the case of larger practices.

In other words, it will be a great option, no matter the size of your lab, because of its terrific product design, but it won't be big enough to take on a high volume of instruments. This is why, in some offices, it's preferable only as a secondary unit, rather than a primary unit.

The Value Clave has a dual safety locking device, which protects it from overheating when the chamber has been pressurized. It turns on and off automatically at the end of dry cycles, so you don't have to worry about running the electricity if you forget to turn it off when you're done. (No worries about zapping yourself to death, either!) Because the drain valve is on the front of the device, draining the water reservoir is fast and efficient. It can work with both heating and cooling capabilities, so you're not limited in your choices of how to sterilize your instruments.

In addition to its quick speed and efficient design, the Value Clave is durable and lasts a long time, so you can use it in your lab or your office your years and years. Because of its features, it is well-suited to a wide variety of lab environments.

This is a tabletop autoclave, so it can easily be placed wherever you need it to go. However, please be advised that it weighs 17 pounds. As such, you may need help placing it, when you've first received it, or carrying it around if you want to change its location in your clinic. This isn't just a simple little microwave, after all.

At the end of the day, if you need a high-quality autoclave sterilizer for your tattoo instruments, medical, laboratory, or pharmaceutical environment, Tuttnauer’s 1730 Value Clave is the one you ought to get. Tuttnauer has been making great lab equipment for years and years, so you know you can trust them.

This product is of excellent quality and FDA-approved for the sterilization of unwrapped and wrapped instruments. Shipping is quick with Amazon, and the warranty is 1 year for parts and labor. Click HERE and see price and customer testimonials on Amazon.


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