"Gaming jobs online" review

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"Gaming jobs online" review

I was reading forum posts looking for additional sources of earning and I stumbled upon info about gamingjobsonline.com website. As they claim on their website, you will  "Discover how you too can easily be a video game tester getting paid to play video games at home!" Is this actually the truth, you will find out in the review below.

They offer 7-day trial for $1 and/or recurring monthly payment of $27. I paid for $1 7-day trial through JVZoo platform with Paypal. Here is my personal experience with  "gaming jobs online" website.

First thing you can notice on this website beside video at the top of the website is the comment of the person who recommend gamingjobsonline.com website. He is "Chris Page Editor in Chief Shoot Em' Up Gaming Magazine". The point is that this gaming magazine doesn't exist. You can find out that by simple search on Google. Just look at some results I got with this searching phrase: "Shoot Em' Up Gaming Magazine". Do you see website of this magazine? No, you don't.

They claim as  they wrote on their website that they are the source between us and high paying corporations. They published many logos of different companies in gaming industry. Who can believe that, that low quality website has any connection with all these big companies? 

What will you get?

When you purchase this product you will receive login data to access content of the website. On the picture below you can see one section of the website with different fields.

Above these sections you will find 5 banners linked to 5 different websites. 3 links work and 2 links don't work. When I click these 2 links I'm getting these messages: "error 404" and "Sorry, you can't access this typeform until its creator says so." . Why they didn't find the time to fix these links or remove them, I guess we won't find out. This looks really unprofessional.

The very first field of the section as shown in the image above contains video materials. Problem is that if you want to watch these videos you have to have Adobe Flash enabled. I couldn't watch it because Adobe doesn't support Flash Player after December 31, 2020 and therefore Flash content is blocked from running. 

In  2 fields you can find a bunch of the links to survey websites. I don't know why they posted such links because this kind of content/links aren't related to game testing jobs. 

Again, I couldn't watch videos in "Premium how to make money with you own video game website". It was asking me to enable Flash Player what was impossible to do.

In the filed "how to make money with Youtube gaming" I could watch videos without problem because it doesn't require Adobe Flash player,  but content was still irrelevant. I could find these kind of info searching on Google pretty easily if I needed it.

Here are some "Premium survey jobs" you can find on that website:

Do you see if it is related to game testing? 

At the end you can find job offers for different positions,  but problem is that they are regular jobs. They require from you to have appropriate level of education and skills. You'll find this kind of offers on well known job search websites. 

Is it worth buying?

No. Definitely no. I don't see any reason why someone should buy this. I didn't find one single useful information. Beside that I found many links which don't work, irrelevant content and couldn't watch 2 series of videos. All these info you can find easily if you type right questions in Google search field.

If you want refund you will see the page where they mention Clickbank company and that you should contact Clickbank for refund. They didn't even updated info that you can't get refund by contacting Clickbank. They sell product through Jvzoo platform not through Clickbank.