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Best Fruit Fly Trap 2022

A fruit fly is a small flying insect about 1/8 inch in length with red eyes. The essential element in how to get rid of fruit is good fruit fly trap.

Internet is full of videos and articles about some home made solution but the most of them aren’t effective.

We present you the best solution for this kind of big problem. We reviewed the most effective and the best selling Fruit Fly Trap which you can buy on Amazon.

BEAPCO 6-Pack Drop-Ins Fruit Fly Traps

Having trouble reducing the number of fruit flies in your home with home made traps? Or maybe you're having trouble with store-bought varieties? Either way, the BEAPCO 6-Pack Drop Ins Fruit Fly Trapsmight be a good option for you. More than a thousand customers have reported that these traps were a great choice for them.

The BEAPCO Fruit Fly Traps are for home usage. They look like small plastic containers. To use them, you must fill them with Lure Solution, which is non-toxic, and place them near those parts of your home where fruit flies are most likely to gather.

You don't need to maintain them to use them, or wash them. Simply throw them out after 30 days (since each single trap lasts a month). Thus, one package is efficient for 6 months. Lure Solution is also bundled with the package.

According to product testing, the BEAPCO catches 2.2x more fruit flies than those of leading brands. They're made with a clear material, so you can see that they're working. They're also designed in such a way that, if a trap falls to the ground, the Lure Solution does not escape its trappings.

One tip, if you choose to buy this product: rotten food attracts more flies, so throw out your food trash before it starts to waste.

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