Best selling iPhone accessories

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Choosing the right iPhone accessories for your needs – Best selling iPhone accessories 2021

The world of accessories has expanded exponentially over the last few years in the world of cell phones, especially when you look at the market for the iPhone. You can buy accessories that offer you protection for your phone while also buying other functional and/or fun accessories to use wherever you go throughout your day. Deciding on the accessories you want and need can be daunting when you visit your local Apple store or even online where there are literally hundreds of options for your perusal. We’ll go over some of those options by breaking them into categories based on their functioning.

Protection/Charging Accessories for your iPhone

Screen protectors – These thin pieces of sticky plastic are great for those who want to protect their screens from scratches and other damage from constant usage. Click here and see our list of the best screen protectors for your iPhone.

USB Car Charger – Since most vehicles now have USB ports, you’ll find this comes in handy when your iPhone is low on charge and you’re nowhere near a wall outlet.

Waterproof cases – If you drop your iPhone in water, you’ve created some costly repairs or a full replacement cost for yourself. These cases can help prevent that by protecting your iPhone in at least 6 feet of water for at least 30 minutes. We made list of the best selling waterproof cases. Click here and see it.

Holders/Cases/Mounts/Speakers/Portable chargers for your iPhone

Magnetic Smartphone Holder – These holders are great when you don’t have a lot of workspace to spare for your iPhone or if you want to prop your iPhone up so you can see the screen at all times. The magnets works great without worrying about damage to your iPhone’s mechanics.

iPhone Car Mount – These mounts allow you to place your iPhone in a position where you can view the screen when you’re using map applications and other direction guidance for your travel needs around town or across the country.

iPhone Motorcycle and Bike Mount – These mounts work similarly to those in the car so riders can stay in touch through their iPhones while also accessing traveling applications to get where they need to go.

iPhone Armband – These bands are perfect for exercising and on-the-go errands. The user can listen to music and answer phone calls when his/her hands are occupied with other objects.

iPhone Card Case – Many cases are now coming equipped with interior or exterior pockets for people to store their credit cards and even some cash along with other important cards like a photo ID. These are great for men and women who don’t want to carry wallets or purses all day long. You can see beautiful and practical models if you click here

Portable charger - Nothing is worse than having an iPhone with little or no battery power. If you have ever been caught with a depleted battery and was frustrated because you were disconnected from the world, portable charger is excellent solution.

Portable speaker - It is the perfect way to share your music with others and listen to it clear and loud. Don't underestimate power of this device.

Camera Extras for your iPhone

Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit – These lens kits are great options for those wanting to create more professional looking photos with their iPhones. Many of these kits come with different lens clips that provide different views of the same image from fish eye, wide screen, and macro pictures.

Telescope Lens – These lenses work well with the iPhone in providing better pictures from longer distances to get the detail the user wants without having to get too up-close and personal with the subject of the photo.

Fun and Frivolous

Bluetooth Selfie Stick – The ever popular selfie stick allows the user to take quality self-portraits with his/her iPhone, using different angles and distances to achieve the right effect.

Stylus – Hate the tiny keys on your iPhone? The stylus is a great option for typing out texts or surfing the web with your iPhone.

Charms – These are great ways to personalize your iPhone. They can range from anything to fit your personality: monograms, animals, and other choices. They usually dangle from your auxiliary jack on top of your iPhone. Click here and see some beautiful Charms.


With so many choices in accessories, it’s no wonder why many iPhone owners have so many extras within their personal arsenal for their iPhone or are constantly looking towards the newest accessory on the market. You can certainly make your iPhone your own with any of the choices above or make your iPhone the best it can be with these same choices.


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