What should you consider when buying a waterproof iPhone case

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What should you consider when buying a waterproof iPhone case

Waterproof iPhone Cases: Buying the Right One for You – Simple buying guide

Investing in an iPhone can be quite expensive, especially when you’ve just purchased the latest model on the market. Shouldn’t you protect that model the best way you possibly can? The answer is yes. You’ll want to consider keeping that new iPhone as safe as possible from damage of all types with a large focus on water damage. There’s nothing better at destroying your iPhone and your budget than water damage. To help you find the right protection for your iPhone, we’ll go over the specifications you want in a waterproof case for your phone.

Durability of waterproof iPhone case

With the durability of any case, you want to focus on the materials used to make it. Is it all plastic or is there some rubber to help with sealing the seams? The choice between the two is personal preference; however, you want to ensure that the case is, in fact, waterproof no matter which style you choose. Also, you’ll want to consider how deep they can go in water and how long they can stay before it will no longer be waterproof. At least 30 minutes and 6 feet would be a good starting point when considering this type of case for your iPhone.

Functionality with the waterproof iPhone case

Does the case have plastic to cover the screen? Do all the buttons work well with the case on? Can you still take pictures, surf the web, and everything else with this case? These are questions you’ll want to consider as you search through the many options you have for a waterproof iPhone case. While some may prefer to have the plastic screen cover, others don’t since they feel the screen loses sensitivity in the touch. Choose the case that answers these questions to your specifications and preference.

Additional options available with waterproof iPhone case

There are cases being made nowadays where you can hideaway some credit cards and cash. There are others that have lanyards attached to make carrying them easier. With so many options that are available for one of these cases, it can seem overwhelming when you’re looking for something simple. However, if one of these options is appealing, then you have the satisfaction of knowing that they are available to you with many of the waterproof cases on the market for iPhones.

Total cost of waterproof iPhone case

This important factor can have the greatest effect on your buying options because some cases are as low as $15 while others can reach upwards of $80 to $100 for one case. You’ll need to decide what you can afford with the options you want for the case. Since there is a big market for these cases, you should be able to find one that fits your needs and your budget.


Having a waterproof iPhone case can help you in the long run in keeping your iPhone safe from all types of damage, but most specifically, water damage. Based on the factors above, you can find a case that fits your daily needs and your budget for the investment you’ve made in your new iPhone. The best waterproof iPhone cases you will find if you click here.

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