Best compact cameras

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Best Compact Camera Reviews 2021

Almost everyone heard about compact digital camera in these modern days. This point-and-shoot camera is the most sold type of camera in the world. Main advantage of this product is their small size. It can fits in pocket. If you like to travel there is no reason to carry your expensive and large DLSR camera.

You can find compact cameras with various advanced features. Quality often depends on price. Great characteristic of some models of compact camera is built in WiFi. You can connect camera with your smartphone or with tablet and than you can easely upload pictures to the most popular image sharing websites.

The most popular brand of compact cameras are : Sony, Olympus, Nikon, Canon and Fujifilm. You can read some compact camera reviews in post below. I hope that I will help you to make right decision

Sony DSC-RX100M III Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera


This is compact digital camera with impressive characteristics and excellent picture quality. Sony DSC-RX100M III Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera comes with 20.9 MP CMOS sensor and with 24-70mm lens focal range. You can continuously shooting up to 10 FPS. It has faster lens than previous model. You can get 320 shots with a fully charged battery. Whit this camera you can very easy shoot low angle and high angle pictures.

Built in WiFi is good advantage. You can easily upload your picture to popular image sharing websites or you can simply send your pictures to your mobile phone. Camera will perfectly fits in your pocket. This is excellent replacement for your professional DSLR camera during travel. You can take great pictures even in very low light environment. You can flip the screen the opposite direction and this is a perfect for your selfie pictures.

Olympus Stylus 1


Picture quality of Olympus Stylus 1 is comparable to quality of picture of expensive DSLR camera. It has 10.7x zoom capability, i.ZUIKO lens with a focal length of 28-300mm and 12 MP sensor. Continuous shooting speed is 7 fps and maximum display resolution is 1,040,000. It has built-in WiFi which can give you more flexibility. You can easily sync your camera to your tablet or smartphone. It comes with built-in flash and with 3" tilt touch LCD display.

Nikon COOLPIX S9700


Nikon COOLPIX S9700 has excellent features. It is compact camera with 16 MP sensor,fantastic 30x optical zoom lens, built-in GPS, 6.9 fps continuous shooting speed. It has built-in WiFi for instant photo sharing. You can easily send your pictures directly to smartphone or to tablet.

can easily sync your camera to your tablet or smartphone. It comes with built-in flash and with 3" tilt touch LCD display.

Canon PowerShot G16


Canon PowerShot G16 comes with 12.1 MP high sensitivity sensor, 5x optical zoom (28mm-140mm) , built in WiFi technology, 12.2 fps continuous shooting speed, 4 x digital zoom.